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Cabin Connect was founded by a caravan park owner, for caravan park owners. We know first hand how easily money can leak out of your business and this is why we have developed the tourist arm of Cabin Connect. 

By joining Cabin Connect as a Tourist Park member, there are no commissions on bookings, no hidden fees or charges and our aim is to keep more of your money in your business. 

As as new feature on the Cabin Connect platform, adding your park to the Cabin Connect platform is FREE until 30th June 2022. We are providing free listings to gain a large number of parks on-board, so we have a huge amount of content and a lot of choice to offer consumers. 

After the 30th June 2022, we will contact all parks currently listed and offer them the opportunity to stay on the platform for a once off annual fee of $697. This fee covers your landing page on the site, marketing, the ability to integrate any cabins for sale you may have, social media promotion, a listing in our twice yearly magazine and of course, an online listing in the growing Australian Park Directory. 

There is no bias at Cabin Connect. Regardless of which chain you may be affiliated with, all parks, independent or not are welcome to join. 

Our goal is to build Australia’s most centralised independent online directory so national and international tourists can easily search and book direct with parks Australia wide. 

At Cabin Connect, we keep things simple because we know running a park is already hard enough. 

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